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Waterproof Ultralight Outdoors Camping Travel Picnic Sleeping Bag

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This sleeping bag is ideal for all seasons because of its professional design and skin-friendly material!

5 reasons to choose

1. Skin-friendly fabric is soft and comfortable

2. Here's no secrects with the materials

It's the most authentic you can see it.




3. 75cm wide can be spliced into two

The sleeping bag can be used by a single person, or it can be instantly turned into a sleeping bag for two people. The small atmosphere makes the couple embrace the barrier-free! The spread can be used as a quilt or back cushion.

4. Perfect for four seasons

Four different thickness are available for all seasons with different temperature.

1.1kg, suitable for spring. temporarily out of stock)

1.35kg,suitable for spring and summer.

1.65kg, suitalbe for auturmn and winter.

1.95kg, suitable for winter.

5. Waterproof design but good breathability.

Use polyester fabric water-repellent fabric to protect you from moist, but won't be stuffy.


  1. warmth leeping bag
  2. cap shrink cord buckle
  3. HOOK & LOOP
  4. 190T polyester taaffe water-repellent coated embossed fabric
  5. 190T soft and silky fabric
  6. secure articulation stitching
  7. upper and lower double zipper
  8. zipper for feet ventilation

shrink cord buckle for warmth

upgraded double-sided zipper, side HOOK & LOOP

storage bag with HOOK & LOOP

stitchable design

materials' feature

Not only a sleeping bag, but also a mattress.

When spread out the sleeping bag, it's 190cm long, 150cm wide.

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