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The Ultimate Indestructible Bike Lock

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"Stop using cheap locks that anyone can break in to!"

Keep your mind at ease knowing your bike is ultimately safe with our new Inbike Lock. This is the most insane bike lock we ever made. Our team went to the drawing board to design a bike lock that no thief would attempt to break through and even if they did, they would ultimately fail. Made out of our specially formulated patented steel and zinc alloy lock body, the Inbike Lock is meant to resist all types of bike thieving tools.  Not the mention, we specially created the keys for the lock to never get stuck or jammed. The Inbike Lock is perfect for all types of bikes & motorcycles.  Whether it's your first time buying a lock for your bike, upgrading, or always having second thoughts, you will not be disappointed with the protection and superior quality of the Inbike Lock.


ULTIMATE ANTI THEFT LOCK -  Inbike lock is the ultimate anti-theft lock! No matter how big the tool is or how smart the thief. Keep your mind at ease knowing your bike is safe.

TOUGH AS NAILS - Inbike lock is highly durable. Made with our advanced technology mold. 

SIMPLE TO INSTALL & EASY TO USE-  Our locks are simple to install and easy to use on any bike. 

KEYS DO NOT JAM OR GET STUCK - Unlike cheap bike locks, our keys do not get stuck on the locks. Inbike locks also do not get jammed, unlike many other bike locks. Our advanced mold protects against all types of weather, whether it be rain or snow.

ALL-WEATHER PROTECTION - Resists corrosion from water, dust, and dirt to prolong the life of your lock. All-weather performance means having a peace of mind and better security,

LASTS FOREVER - Inbike locks last forever! Unlike other bikes locks, they do not break after a month or in a year. Keep your mind at ease knowing you having a quality bike lock.

COMPACT & PORTABLE - We made sure that our locks are compact and portable. Bring it with you anywhere your bike without having the lock feel like a hassle. Store it in your bag or in your pocket. Inbike lock comes with a mount that easily installs on any of your bikes.

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - Our team took the time to make this lock beautiful visually. While at the same time, showing a premium strong look to it when observed by anyone. 

Product Specification:

Material: Steel
Size: 128mm* width 28mm*height 60mm