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Resistance Band Assemble Bar Fitness Rod

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  • PORTABLE PILATES BAR KIT-- The Portable Pilates Bar is the perfect tool for reformer-style movements without heavy equipment because it's detachable.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS-- Bar is 1.5" in diameter and is constructed of high-quality steel wrapped by extreme soft foam. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE--Makes it easy to be used at home or in a personal training studio. It can be used for Pilates training as well as upper body strength training.
  • POWER CORD RESISTANCE BANDS--Power cord resistance bands are stronger and safer than standard rubber tubing and provide maximum resistance and durability.
  • MULTIPLE USES--Suitable for yoga stretching exercises, resistance band exercises, low impact to prevent injuries, lightweight and portable, easy to use at home, or in a personal training studio.
  • USE With Resistance Band--There are 2 hooks on both ends of the bar so you can easily attach your resistance band on it.

Color: Black
Material: Steel wrapped by soft foam
Length: 100cm / 35in 
Total Weight: 1120g / 2.4lb 
Application: Endurance training. YOGA Slimming, Bodybuilding