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iTsetbox S300-2021 New Upgraded Screen Tester-for iPhone12ProMax ~ 6

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Must-Have Tools For iPhone Repair

iPhone repairer essential gadgets
Make your work efficiency greatly improved
**iTestBox S300 upgraded cell phone screen tester**
*Newly upgraded and optimized system.
*Equipped with the display. Make the information more clear
*With a larger capacity battery, more durable
*Faster and more accurate testing speed

  • * Measure display, touch, 3D, current and voltage, original color repair *Support 6~12ProMax 19 kinds of screen models, the original assembly can be measured * comprehensive system evolution, control at a glance, battery upgrade expansion, screen measurement faster and more accurate, remote system upgrades, professional and timely after-sales service
  • *Display test --- display multiple pictures of different colors, comprehensive detection of screen display problems, support users to import custom pictures *3D Touch test --- full-screen pressure test at any location, full red and green squares graded to show the change in pressure size *Simple touch test mode --- green box to form a closed loop, the test passed; anywhere interrupted or jitter, touch bad
  • *Multi-track test --- record the test track to facilitate the user to determine whether the touch supports multi-track, whether the track with the hand, whether smooth, whether the broken line and other issues * can be tested separately touch --- touch track is displayed on the machine comes with a small screen, convenient for users to test the touch alone
  • * Full speed up, efficient screen test, screen model switch only 4 seconds, bright screen after entering the test only 1 second (Data from Magfit lab, actual time varies due to user operation method and other related factors) * 4700mAh large battery, stronger battery life, with super-fast charging, so that you energy slowly, easy to measure the screen
  • * Clear information display, control at a glance, new interaction, support for separate test touch *Display voltage and current information, measure the screen hidden problems *Power-on information, screen measurement information, voltage, current information, firmware version number, system upgrade information, error pop-up information, original color repair information, tips, and status display