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Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod

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This?compact and convenient?telescopic fishing rod?is designed for individuals on the go?that has?no extra space but demands a high-quality rod.

Wouldn't this make your?fishing trips easier? If so, check out the awesome benefits below.

?Portable & Convenient -?Quick assembly and?fast break down. Easily fits In your car trunk, boat hatch or backpack.?Youll find it a breeze to?take it with you anywhere?you go. Perfect for backpacking and camping.

?Increased Durability -?High-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass?makes this fishing pole very?hard and durable?and will not snap or break?while youre fighting that big one!

?Light Touch Sensitivity -?Lightweight, flexible design?transfers the vibrations through the rod?so you can detect even the smallest?bites and nudges on the lure.?Never miss a fish again!

?Superior Line?Guides -?Welded stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts?designed to allow the?fishing line to glide smoothly?through while ensuring decreased friction due to heat when a strong fighting fish gets hooked.

?Comfortable EVA?Handle -?Sweat-absorbent and radial design greatly enhance your comfort.?No more hand fatigue?when?fighting those big fish.


-?Rod Type: Telescopic Fishing Rod

- Material: 80% FRP + 20% Carbon Fiber

- Color: White/Black/Gold

- Sizes: *See Chart Below

Rod Sizes?



Show you the fishing weight of the rod.

(Net fishing weight: The weight of the objects hold directly, not the weight when fishing)




Big rings design. Made of ceramics and wrap by stainless steel, one -piece welding, strong and smooth.



Durable reel seat. It is firm and easy to fix the reel, not easy to fall.


Fine paint work.?



Comfortable foam handle. Sweat-absorbent and radial design, greatly enhance the comfort when fighting a fish and not tired for a long time fishing.?




Show you the real rod


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:?Can I use this rod in saltwater?

A:?Yes, our rod is designed with materials to alleviate corrosion problems from saltwater.

Q:?Does it come with a travel case?

A:?No sorry it does not.

Q:?How long is this rod collapsed down?

A:?Please refer to the?chart?to see each rod collapsed length.

Q:?What material is this rod made of?

A:?These rods are carbon fiber with fiberglass. They have stainless steel reel seats. Welded stainless steel guides with ceramic?inserts for complete corrosion resistance.

Q:?Does it come with a reel?

A:? Only the pole is included.

Q:?What is the max weight this rod can handle?

A:?Depending on which size you choose, I'd say light-med (0-15 lbs.) Especially important, set your drag correctly.