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External Positioning Alarm Detector Infrared Beam Sensor

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1. Single beam infrared sensor with the latest LED indicator.
2. Anti-glare up to 50,000 LUX to avoid glare or the influence of car lights.
3. Sealing design, rainproof, fog proof, dust (worms), and other integrated weather, detector sensitivity will automatically increase (AGC circuit).
4. High level of anti-RFI/EMI capability.
5. High-power transmitter, sensitivity excess up to 90%.
6. High Power Infrared Receiver, Low Power Technology.
7. Adjustable beam cut-off time to make it more flexible and adaptable.
8. Professional Anti-jamming Optical Shell.

WD0881 (4)

WD0881 (2)

WD0881 (7)

Use for: Barrier, Gates, Doors, Windows Protection

Detection Range: 20-30M
     Outdoor Distance: 20M
     Indoor Distance: 30M


Sensing Speed:30ms

Size: 7.5*4.9*2.5CM

Color: Black

Weight: 0.15KG

Voltage: DC12-24V

Packaging: 1 pair

How to make it works? Check out the video below: