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Door Steel Adjustable Pull-ups Bar

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  • Adjustable pull-ups bar for door frame - no screws or drilling necessary [3 installation methods]: simply secure in place and get your workout going, screws and assembly materials are included for more permanent fixture
  • The doorway pull up bar features comfortable grip pads - for a firm hold and minimized irritation to the palms of your hands when training your upper body - suitable for men and women who weigh up to 150 kg
  • Transparent rubber closures on the left and right - this prevents unwanted marks on the door frame, making this pull-up bar just as suitable for rented homes
  • Sturdy steel construction with simple handling thanks to its telescopic system/pole diameter: approx. 30 mm, length: 65 - 85 cm, stepless adjustment for a solid hold on the door frame
  • Don't install the pull-ups bar in glass, tiles, wallpapers, and corners, it's easy to slip. if you want to use pull up bar to swing, please install screws to ensure safety




1. Ensure the middle hold is fastened; if not, spin to fasten it.

2. Pull it for a few times before each use to ensure the rod does not loosen.

3. The direction of movement or hand force must be the same as the direction of tightening the middle hold, so as to ensure that the middle bar will not loosen during use.

4. Children must use the rod under adult supervision