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Collapsible Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed

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Why Your Cat Needs to Scratch ?
● To remove old nail sheaths from the claws.
● To relieve stress frustration and boredom.
● To exercise and tone muscles.
● To "warm up" for a vigorous play session.


It is designed for owners looking to reclaim homes from expensive furniture scratches, misplaced cat hair, and unattractive pet products.

  • 🐱 [CAT LOVE IT] This cat scratching post is a cardboard lounge bed, a cat scratching pad and a ball toy all in one; cats can scratch, play and take naps on it; the cat scratching cardboard offers fun and exercise for cats and helps protect furniture from claw damage
  • 🐱 [INNOVATIVE VARIABLE SHAPES] The variability of the cat scratching post allows you to create more shapes for your cats; the modern design is not only attractive to your furry friends, but also match your home decor flawlessly; tinkle ball provides much fun for your cat like kicking, chasing
  • 🐱 [STURDY & DURABLE] For the cat scratching post, we’ve chosen the high quality honeycomb paper, which is more dense and durable than others; cats can bite, grasp, roll and climb on this cat scratch toys, won't cause skin allergies; extremely dense gap, strong enough to hold weight up to 22 lb
  • 🐱 [COLLAPSIBLE & PORTABLE] The cat scratcher is super easy to assemble and take apart, no tools needed; you can also fold it and store it in a drawer if you need more space when your cat is not playing it; also easy to carry with for holiday trip
  • 🐱 [CAT TOYS WITH ORGANIC CATNIP] Natural catnip helps your feline stay active and healthy; just sprinkle on the cat cardboard scratch to increase their curiosity; keep cat's claws trimmed and well-maintained
Package Includes:
1 * Cat Scratcher Cardboard
1 * Ball Toy Bell
1 * Catmint

Additional Information:
● Item Weight: 72.3 ounces
● Unfoldable Dimension: 20.5(D) * 6.2(H) inch
● Foldable Dimension: 11.0(L) * 3.9(W) * 6.2 (H) inch

Kindly Notes:
Not waterproof or fireproof

To prevent loss of the ball toy, you can tie the ball with a rope and tie it to the Scratch Cardboard.
In this way, your cat can have fun with the ball and don't need to worry about the ball toy will be lost.