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Camera Hand Grip Strap

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  • Secure Your Camera & Enjoy Freedom: Grips the hand and wrist to prevent accidental slips from turning into disastrous drops while getting you freed from the fetters of the shoulder strap.
  • Comfortable & Adjustable: The strap is made of breathable microfiber and a padded cushion. Meanwhile, it can be adjusted to fit hands of all sizes and snaps on easily. 
  • Adjustable Strap to Fit All Hands
  • Quick-Release Plate For Tripod: The metal base of the hand strap is an Arca Swiss-Type quick-release plate with a standard ¼"-20 socket which allows you to put your camera on a tripod any time with the strap on.
  • Easily Connect A Shoulder Strap: The quick-release plate has a 90-degree adjustable eyelet which allows your camera to connect a shoulder strap with a carabiner.

Compatible with All cameras with a standard 1/4"-20 bottom tripod socket(which is the universal size for most DSLR or mirrorless cameras) and strap eyelet large enough for a 7mm x 3mm strap.

Cameras for your reference (Subject to the actual type of your camera):

Canon DSLR cameras:
EOS Rebel T7/T6/T5/T3/T7i/T6i/T6s/T5i/T4i/SL1/SL2
EOS 80D/70D/77D/60D/50D
EOS 5D Series
EOS 6D Series
EOS 7D Series
EOS 1D Series

Canon Mirrorless Cameras: EOS R
Canon Point & Shoot camera: Powershot SX70 HS/SX60 HS/SX50 HS/SX540 HS/SX530 HS

Nikon DSLR cameras:


Nikon Mirrorless Cameras: Z7/Z6
Nikon Point & Shoot camera: Coolpix P1000/P900/P900S/B700

Panasonic Mirrorless Cameras: GH5S/GH5/GH4/G7/G9
Panasonic Point & Shoot camera: FZ1000/FZ2500/FZ300/FZ80

Sony Point & Shoot camera: DSC-H400/DSC-H300/DSC-HX400V/DSC-HX300