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Aluminum 3-Channels Foldable Keyboard with Ergonomic Stroke Keys

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Always Ready in Your Pocket: When you go out with your tablet, smartphone, or laptops and you really need a type device, don't worry, put this into your pocket. Always ready for messages, emails, and inspirations.
Scissor Switch Keys:
If you're looking for a keyboard with comfy rebound, good stability, and no noise, then a scissor switch keyboard will be the right one for you. It's simple, crisp, and you will enjoy that.
Aluminum-Shaped Body: When it comes to a foldable keyboard, many people will associate it with a plastic, cheap, uncomfortable one. But this one is made of aluminum body which will bring you a more decent feeling and stability while not sacrificing it's portability.
Ergonomic Stroke Keys: The keys are crafted to spherically dished keys for the shape of your fingertips which leads to a larger finger contact area to satisify your fingertips. Meanwhile, the Fn key reserved all the function keys for you in such a mini pocket-size keyboard.
All Devices & System Compatible: Connect any smartphones, tablets, laptops with any system without a problem. You can connect 3 devices and switch between them easily by a command.

Charging port: Type-C
Transmission distance: 10 meters
Material: aluminum alloy + ABS
Number of keys: 65
Lithium battery capacity: 90mAh
Working voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Unfolded size: 270.26x100.99x11.9mm, folded size: 141.88x100.99x23.89mm