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6-in-1 USB C Hub for 2018/2020 iPad Pro

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 Designed specifically for 2018/2020 iPad Pro

conveniently access peripheral devices, wherever life may take you.

Magnetic holder for stable connect .

Work perfectly both on IPAD pro with/without casing

Details of ports

1*HDMI port------up to 4k 30HZ

1*USB A 3.0 port----- Mouse/keyboard/data read and write

1* USB C female----PD charge up to 60w

3.5mm audio jack----32bit 384k HZ sampling


Enjoy brilliant, high-resolution 4K HDMI display (30Hz) from your 2018/2020 iPad Pro for hassle-free presentations, conference calls and video streaming on-the-go

3.5mm audio jack---Enjoy perfect sound

32bit 384k Hz sampling VS other’s 16bit 48K Hz

Support facetime call by headphone

plug and play design

it is easier than ever to connect all your devices on-the-go


Allows bidirectional charging to quickly power your device.

Make ipad pro to a laptop

Extend usb c port to USB A port.

Keyboard/Mouse/Usb key/Game console is all avaialble on USA A ports

USB C Card Reader

Instantly read photos from cemara

Fast data speed

Special magnetic holder

With magnetic holder to stably fix the hub

Protect usb c port of ipad pro from damage



1.Please upgrade to iOS 13 to utilize data transfer to/from USB devices

2..Does not support 2017 & earlier iPad models

3. The magnetic holder only available on ipad pro 2018/2020, but this hub can use on any smartphone/laptop with usb c port

Wide compatibility