Shopping FAQ

All facts, information, and prices are given with reservation for typing errors, price increases, warehouse issues, possibly incorrectly stated product descriptions/specifications and end of the stock.

Q: What payment options do I have?
A: For now, we only accept Paypal, which is very reliable and safe for your purchase.

Q: How do I exchange or return a product? 

A: If you would like to return something to us and receive a refund, we need to have the product returned within 30 days after your order date. The postage to us is paid by you. Please keep in mind that we would like to have the product back in the same condition as it was upon receiving it with tags and original packaging. 

We cannot accept returns if: 
An item is returned without tags.
An item is returned dirty, worn or shows sign of being used.

More information please check our Refund & Return Policy

Q: What do I do if I have received the wrong product?
A: If you have received the wrong product, please contact our Customer Service via [email protected] We will contact you within 24 hours on a working day.

Q: What do I do if I would like to reclaim a product? 

A: Regarding possible reclamations, LONGSEA follows USA law. Sometimes it can happen that a product does not meet the quality you were expecting. We will, of course, help you to file a claim.

Follow the steps below and complete your claim with all the necessary information so we can handle your case faster:

In the event of a complaint of products:
- Always include your order number when making a complaint
- Describe the defect of the product
- Always attach a picture of the damaged product/goods so that we can see what the problem is
- We will then process your claim as soon as possible and will get back to you once we have been notified by the supplier.

If you need to contact us regarding your claim, please always reply to the same mail where you submitted your claim, then we always have a case number to refer to.

We ask you to wait as a claim may take a few days to be resolved. Our absolute goal is, of course, to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. 

In case of a complaint, please contact our Customer Service.

Q: Has my order gone through?

A: If you are unsure if your order has gone through, there are several ways to check this: When you have placed your order you will see the text “Thank you for your order” on the screen. An order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. You can see your order under “My Pages” on our website.

Q: Where is my order?

A: After Your order is sent, there will be a tracking number, you can check with it to get know where your order is.