How to solve screens problem on ios16.0 by S300 or R200?
09.30.2022 | LONGSEA |
Recently, IOS 16.0 was released, and many people met a big problem when the iPhone was updated to IOS 16.0, which is the screen can't display or touch.
 For this enormous problem, DLZX provides a good solution, users can use S300 to solve this problem: 
recover the screen by clicking the MODE key.  
How to operate:
1. Boot up S300, then connect the flex, and wait for the flex type to be recognized by system
2. Click the MODE key to recover the touch function
3. Long press the MODE key for several seconds to retrieve the display function please look at the video below:

This recover function also is available on R100/R100P/R200. 

For those customers who have bought R100/R100P/R200, you may buy a new recover small board and free system update to get the new function support.

Please look at the video below: